• Don’t be yourself - I love the joke where a husband in a rare romantic moment leans over and softly whispers in his wife’s ear, “I’m the only one in your life, aren’t I?”  The wife gently turns to look at her beloved man and with a smile on her face, whispers back, “Of course you are dear, all the others were nines and tens.” 😊 There’s the thought out there saying to ‘just be yourself,’ as if being yourself is the best you could be.  The flaw in this view is the assumption there’s nothing about you that needs changing. I don’t know continue reading
  • $10 worth - $10 worth   If I held up a ten dollar note and asked the question, “Who can tell me what this is? And how much is it worth?” You would answer that it’s a ten dollar note and its worth that because it comes from the Government printing press and has the Governor of the Reserve Banks signature on it.   Now if I was to throw the ten dollars onto the ground and stand on it how much would it be worth then? The answer of course would still be ten dollars. How about I screwed it up in continue reading
  • Trust - Over the years I’ve helped build a house or two. If I hadn’t done this, then one thing that wouldn’t be obvious, is just how much time and effort go into preparing the foundations for the house to sit on. You also realise that if you don’t do the necessary groundwork then in time cracks in walls and floors may appear. Poor workmanship, shortcuts, and inferior building materials will compromise the quality of the final product.   It’s not hard to see this as a good analogy for developing a secure long-lasting relationship.   Like the building process, if we don’t continue reading
  • Golden Queen Peaches - I’m one of six boys in my family … no girls, Mum and Dad couldn’t afford daughters they were far too expensive.  We lived in a two-bedroom house on a quarter acre section in a rural town in the Hawke’s Bay.                                                                                                                                                                       As kids we were terrified of one of our neighbours, an old widow by the name of Mrs Jellico. We believed Mrs Jellico had an underground dungeon, where, if she got the chance, she would drag little boys, cut them up and eat them. (One of the older brothers most likely seeded that thought). Mrs Jellico had a beautiful continue reading
  • You ain’t no ugly duckling - In the well-known children’s fable, 'The Ugly Duckling', when did the ugly duckling become a beautiful swan? The answer is that it always was a beautiful swan; it just didn’t recognise it, until it saw its own reflection. As we look at ourselves, many of us at best see a marred reflection of who we are really meant to be. I believe life’s great quest is to rediscover whose image we were created in. And then live in the dignity, freedom and potential that reclaiming this image makes available to us. Here are some thoughts that I hope might help continue reading
  • Choices - I like the well-known story of an Indian brave who when facing a dilemma goes to the wise old Chief for advice. “It feels like there are two wild wolves fighting inside me,” he says. “One I know is good and wants to do what is right. The other is not good and wants to do what is wrong.  Which wolf is going to win?” he asks.                                      After pausing for a moment, the old Chief looks caringly at the young brave and continue reading
  • Ouch…that hurt!!! - From a very young age we are taught about looking after our physical health. We are shown how to clean our teeth, wash our hands, the need for physical exercise and good personal hygiene and the like.  All good things for sure.   But when it comes to the area of our emotional health most of us have had very little guidance on how to care for ourselves.   Our physical body indicates to us, via the pain senses, physical issues that we need to be aware of and address. For example, if I have a stone in my shoe continue reading
  • Wilting fig leaves - A husband asked his wife one day, “How come you never seem to get upset and yell at me anymore when I do things you don’t like?  “What is the secret?” Without hesitation the wife replied, “I have learned that whenever I feel my blood pressure going up, I just go and clean the toilet and almost straight away I find myself relaxing and feeling much better.” The husband thought for a while but couldn’t figure how cleaning a toilet would have that kind of an effect, so he asked her, “How does cleaning the toilet do that?” “That’s easy,” continue reading
  • Wet Paint - I think a good illustration to represent what life’s about is the idea that when we are born we are handed a blank canvas a paint brush and all the paints we want and we’re told to go paint something with our life, and then at the end of our time here we present what we’ve painted to the one who handed the items to us in the first place. What I like about this view is it reminds me that I am the only one who ultimately chooses what my painting will finally look like …in other words, I continue reading