Just a Thought

This collection of easy read and often humorous short articles, written over the last seven years which include thoughts and quotes collected over thirty years, will encourage you to quietly reconsider some of the conclusions you have come to that may be restricting you from living life well.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of truth and freedom, we need to be willing to visit places we wouldn’t normally consider going to. My hope is you might find yourself going there within these pages.


Our internal voices determine our external choices.                                                     

Have you ever said or done something that, even as you were saying or doing it, you thought, “bugger, I wish I wasn’t doing that.”?  It’s like an internal power source overrules our thinking, rational mind.

Our life experiences shape how we see ourselves and our world.

It’s interesting to understand it’s not so much the events in our lives that have the greatest influence on us, but the beliefs we form from them.

These beliefs become the building blocks our lives are fashioned from.

Could those beliefs now be restricting us from living a full and rewarding life?

Forward by David Riddell

Occasionally in life one comes across a piece of writing that is both simple yet profound, entertaining while displaying a deeply spiritual foundation all of its own. One such book is the one you have in your hands; the first literary effort of my student and good friend Alan Davey. That it is his very first offering to the bookshelves of seekers of truth everywhere makes it all the more remarkable I think. 

Alan’s grasp of simple clear communication to the average Kiwi

student-of-life is born of many years of pastoral care of the flock entrusted to him during a life-long ministry of caring about and for any who came into his realm of influence – none turned away – and for that I admire him greatly.

Take it as you find it, and pick from its branches of anecdotal stories and profound observations whatever you need.  Read it and then pass it on to whoever may cross your path – they will only ever derive benefit from what they discover within; some to be entertained and some to begin their journey into life-changing enlightenment.  It’s one of those books you see – something for everyone – and I consider it a privilege to have experienced personally the open-hearted friendship of the author himself. 

A reference from scripture comes to mind…. ‘the path of the just is as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day comes’.  May this little book shine a light that only gets brighter, and comes to illuminate many a  darkened space. 

David J Riddell

B.Th, P.G Dip, Dip Grad.

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