Alan offers ‘living well’ seminars for communities in the Waikato area but is willing to travel  beyond.

In discussion with you he can tailor make a seminar to work with whatever timetable your group has available. Alan has run seminars from one hour to all day and  is happy to work with you to achieve what works best.

Alan’s goal for the seminars is to help you to recognize the influence your emotional health can have in your life and the lives of those around you and then give tools skills and insights to help deal with these issues.

Please don’t hesitate to go to ‘Just a Thought‘ and it will open up on one of Alan’s articles called ‘Ouch.. that hurt!!! where he explains that in more depth.

This is taken from Alan’s ‘living well’ Seminar brochure

Life is ‘hard’…and all of us need effective insights to live life well with ourselves and others

Because life is ‘hard’…

  • We experience emotional pain
  • We turn to unhealthy ways to try and cope
  • We end up struggling with or avoid facing significant issues
  • We struggle with relationships
  • We beat up on ourselves
  • We hurt each other

In these seminars you …

  • Learn to trace face and replace lies that are robbing your life
  • Recognize the difference between feelings and facts
  • Gain a healthy self-awareness
  • Gain the tools, skills and insights to live well with yourself and others

Alan’s down to earth engaging and often humorous approach lays a great platform to present practical tools, skills and insights designed to equip us in the journey towards a life of emotional freedom.

These seminars provide proven tools and techniques to support people to achieve true and lasting mental and emotional health.

Even though there is Christian content, these seminars are suited to all that have the desire to be free from the emotional issues that have been affecting their lives.

“I have a passion to support individuals and couples to be equipped with the tools, skills and insights to  enable them to be set free to live life well “     Alan

Testimonies from those that have attended previous seminars;

Thank-you Alan for teaching on a topic that is foundationally important. Not something I have heard taught before. Absolutely awesome, opens your eyes and mind to understanding what is truth. One step closer to freedom.

A great mix of realism and biblical based truth.

10++ to Alan Davey tonight. Giving clear humorous but very real examples for our walk into a better life through Christ. Healing hurts and giving a greater understanding of all that we can be.

Very informative, practical advice. Very easy to understand, and easy to be engaged.

Very good, well-constructed and well presented in simplicity.

I feel that I learned some very important tools listening to Alan and gained valuable insight which has enabled me to realise some childhood beliefs that were stopping me from having a more fulfilled life, and relationship with our God.

Very practical seminar. I’m already beginning to think about long buried self-concepts.

Inspiring and made me think, I felt like I understand what I felt wasn’t me going crazy. You clarified it for me.

I found the seminar awesome. The in-depth info was very thought provoking – I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

I attended Friday nights seminar and loved it. After about half an hour I felt overwhelmed with excitement as you worked through the five levels of the building, thinking this is actually going to work.